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a brighter discontent.
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30th-Sep-2010 01:53 pm(no subject)
Hollywood Swingers
King of the Mic
no, i'm not asking because you're black.


King of the Mic is an annual event held at by MEISA at Albright College.
It is a Freestyle Rap Battle (hence "King of the Mic").

I mean, seriously?
"You're only asking me 'cause I'm black."
No, actually, I'm asking you because I'm on E-Board for MEISA, and we need participants or the event will be canceled.
I apologize that you just happen to be black.

The fact of the matter is, the majority of black people like rap.
I am not trying to be racist.
I'm like the biggest fan of rap on Albright College campus.

^That's Eminem^
Pretty sure he's white, and he raps.
Just sayin'.

24th-Dec-2009 02:37 am - chris brown
Hollywood Swingers
call me mr. flintstone;
cause i can make your bed rock, girl.


that is all.

23rd-Dec-2009 02:39 pm - addiction.
Hollywood Swingers
she's every mans dream.
she's god's gift to earth.

most people are addicted to something.
it doesn't have to be anything bad;
something that a person can't get enough of.
food, soda, excersize, anything.
what's your addiction?

mine is The Sims 3.

i've recently purchased The Sims 3,
and i cant stop playing.
yesterday i played from 12:40 - 7:00pm,
and then again from 3:00 - 5:00am.
today, i'll probably play for a good four hours again, at least.

oh god. please help me.
21st-Dec-2009 04:38 pm - just an update
Hollywood Swingers
got my vans on,
but they look like sneakers.

why is york, pennsylvania so boring?
there is nothing to do.
nobody answers their fucking phones.
it really, just sucks.
i wish i were back at college.

brief interjection;
eric sprenkle just ran past my house.
it's thirty four degrees outside.
and there's snow everywhere

what a fucking lunatic.

despite the fact that my only friend on LJ is Kieran McGhee,
and she already knows everything about my life,
i still feel it is necessary to update LJ about where i go to college, etc.
just in case, ya know...
anyone else cool decides to get one of these,
and doesn't know who i am.

Albright College
that's where i go to school.
and let me tell you, it's the best place ever.
i've made some amazing friends, including, but not limited to:
Keith Nosko, Lindsay Horack, Meagan Payne, Sarah Rowe, Josh Betty
Sean Finsterbusch, Jesse Nathan, Ally Martin, Alyssa Smith, Alice Santana,
Becky & Julie Crandall, Cassie Santiago, Victoria Cvek, Nana Asare,
& all the brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi
i've accepted my bid to AΣΦ
and i'm pledging next semester
also, i'm the treasurer of the class of 2013
honestly, i cannot imagine being at college anywhere else. :)

other than that,
my life is pretty much the same.
i got my eyebrow pierced,
got a new laptop...

and CHRISTMAS is in four days. :)
i'm excited.
21st-Dec-2009 10:13 am - one more try...
Hollywood Swingers
somebody call911
shawty's fire burnin' on the dance floor

okay, so here's the deal.

for some reason, i just cannot get into LiveJournal.
i don't know why.
maybe it's just not my thing?
maybe i just never remember it?
maybe my life is just... not that interesting?
(we all know that's a lie)

but anyway...
from now on, i'm really, really, really going to try.

starting now.
Hollywood Swingers
If you had to give up one of your five senses, which could you live without?
Uh, I believe that'd be ... fuck I don't know. Let's weigh out the possibilities.

   I don't think I'd want to live without this, cause then I wouldn't be able to feel anything. I might be internally bleeding and not know it... so this one's a definite keeper, just because of the whole life or death aspect.

   No. Never. I'd never give up my hearing for anything, I need music to live. Period.

   I highly doubt I'd give this bad boy up. I mean, I can barely stand up with my eyes closed, let alone walk. I don't know how I'd live without sight. Although, I have always wanted a reason to learn braile...

   Possibly. Smell's kinda whatever. No smell = no farts, no burps, no garbage, no nasty smells. However, this also means no roses, no prettyful colognes, no axe... Actually, I pretty much live my life without smell as it is, when my nose is clogged from those wonderful allergies. I might not be so different without it.

   Would I be able to live without taste? Taste is reflective of smell, correct? I mean, you can smell something so much that you can almost taste it, right? If that's true, would I be able to taste chicken by smelling it...? Hm, I'm not sure, but this one's a definite maybe for the give up pile. Also, there's no real threat to my life if I don't have it, except the possible tasting of poison... but who would want to poison me?


Okay, so we're down to smell and taste. Plain and simple, I think I'd choose taste, because then I probably wouldn't be addicted to food as much as I am, meaning I would never be fat. Also, the other four are pretty awesome, except smell on occasion. Yeah, I'd definitely choose to live without taste.

What would you choose?

29th-Aug-2008 11:19 pm - My last... first game... =[
We kicked ASS.
28-3 West York!
Ya daaaaayyyum right. =]

But that's not all;
I have a confession...

I actually ENJOYED band, tonight
Shhh, don't tell anyone.

     I'm pretty sure it's because it rained all day and night, though. It made everything fun: no uniforms, marching on slippery turf, Eyster not really giving a shit... you know. It was just a good fucking night. But, we'll get back to that later.

First, I have to tell you about the Student Council trip.
     1. We did a really entertaining ropes course.
     2. We had mud fights in the rain.
     3. Ryan totally hit on Becca Varney.
     4. I made a new friend; Ornella Ngounou.
     5. We ate Subway!!!

Second, I passed my PSSAs!
     And I left for flex!!! It felt amazing. All them freshman and sophomores and juniors still in GP, ahhhh. :) Love it.

     Alright, now that the important stuff was covered, back to band. The game was amazing, first of all. I thought we fucked up at first when they ran back the kickoff to the ten yard line, but... apparently we didn't. Oh, and I have a story!
     Now, when we go onto the field, we walk on and whatnot, you know? Well, when we were walking to go on, the student section starts cheering for Brian Strathmeyer, and I'll admit it, I was jealous, 'cause I'm clearly the celebrity of band, not him. But anyway, they were cheering, and I was getting pissed, but then we got onto the field and in our lines... and all the CHEERLEADERS start chanting my name and bein' like "GO JIMMAYYY!!!" And I was like "ahhhhh, feels good." I mean, I'd much rather have hot chicks cheer my name than Cody Boren, anyday. =]
     Anyway, back to the point... I didn't realize it until tonight, but I'm actually a senior. I mean, I know I hate band and all, but it's my last first game I'll ever have to dread going to... And it really upsets me. :( I can barely believe it. I'm excited, I'm scared, I'm nervous, all at the same time. I don't know what to do with myself.

But anyway, I guess that's all that really mattered in my life today, so... I guess I'll peace out.
Hopefully my next post will be more interesting.
Maybe I'll do one of those Writer's block things... who knows.


PS: I love Kate Landes, I  have a shit load of homework to do this weekend, Kieran comes home Saturday, and I'm starting to run in the mornings! :)


25th-Aug-2008 07:26 pm - Senior year; a reason for blogging.
Hollywood Swingers

It's finally Senior year!
I've been waiting so long for this for two reasons:

1. Only a year 'til COLLEGE
2. A reason to start blogging, again!


The first semester schedule;
Period 1: Band(1,3,5)/Gym(2,4,6)
          Well, let's start off by getting this off of my chest. I hate band. The only reason I'm in it is because my parents won't let me quit. I don't have as MUCH of a problem with Mr. Eyster this year, but regardless, it plays a big role in my tortured, teenage life. As for gym... I'm certainly glad I have it first semester. I've had it first semester my whole life, and I prefer it. It's a stacked class, too -- so many good people.
      Period 2: AP English
          We walk into this class today, and I literally get ATTACKED with people saying "Where's Kieran? Where's Kieran sitting? I need to be next to Kieran!" See a trend? Well, bitch is at Disney World, so quite literally, that whore can suck it. I'm pissed at her, period. But, when she gets back I'm sure we'll share some good laughs and "Fauths!"
     Period 3: AP World Cultures
          My wonderful Independent Study. I love the class so far, but it's ruined by the prescence of one Brandon Nye. His face is a fucking pizza, his nose is raised just a little too high, and he's a self-centered, pompous, stereotypical asshole. No one likes him, and I think even Mrs. Carl is getting annoyed.
     Period 4: Honors APES (HAPES)
          I heard Mrs. Savatt was mean, right? It doesn't seem that way. She made the whole class bug like 80 times. And... yeah, that's pretty much it about that class. Essay on the first day sucks, but it's whatever.

Marching Band;
It's weird, I normally hate it. This year, however, it's been rather entertaining. Band camp was greg-hilarious; it tornadoed, our cabin's skit got DQ'd, and the freshman are pretty sweet. The music's easy, too! But yeah, pretty much all I have to say about that.
Tyler Lookingbill and Paige Strathmeyer are the drum majors.
Tyler SUCKS,
Paige is much better,
Ask anyone.

Anyway, the point is... Senior year is rockin' so far, so I'm pretty excited.
I love having a packed schedule, I love seeing my friends everyday, and I love some teachers, ya know?

that'd be all for this post.
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