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a brighter discontent.
Senior year; a reason for blogging. 
25th-Aug-2008 07:26 pm
Hollywood Swingers

It's finally Senior year!
I've been waiting so long for this for two reasons:

1. Only a year 'til COLLEGE
2. A reason to start blogging, again!


The first semester schedule;
Period 1: Band(1,3,5)/Gym(2,4,6)
          Well, let's start off by getting this off of my chest. I hate band. The only reason I'm in it is because my parents won't let me quit. I don't have as MUCH of a problem with Mr. Eyster this year, but regardless, it plays a big role in my tortured, teenage life. As for gym... I'm certainly glad I have it first semester. I've had it first semester my whole life, and I prefer it. It's a stacked class, too -- so many good people.
      Period 2: AP English
          We walk into this class today, and I literally get ATTACKED with people saying "Where's Kieran? Where's Kieran sitting? I need to be next to Kieran!" See a trend? Well, bitch is at Disney World, so quite literally, that whore can suck it. I'm pissed at her, period. But, when she gets back I'm sure we'll share some good laughs and "Fauths!"
     Period 3: AP World Cultures
          My wonderful Independent Study. I love the class so far, but it's ruined by the prescence of one Brandon Nye. His face is a fucking pizza, his nose is raised just a little too high, and he's a self-centered, pompous, stereotypical asshole. No one likes him, and I think even Mrs. Carl is getting annoyed.
     Period 4: Honors APES (HAPES)
          I heard Mrs. Savatt was mean, right? It doesn't seem that way. She made the whole class bug like 80 times. And... yeah, that's pretty much it about that class. Essay on the first day sucks, but it's whatever.

Marching Band;
It's weird, I normally hate it. This year, however, it's been rather entertaining. Band camp was greg-hilarious; it tornadoed, our cabin's skit got DQ'd, and the freshman are pretty sweet. The music's easy, too! But yeah, pretty much all I have to say about that.
Tyler Lookingbill and Paige Strathmeyer are the drum majors.
Tyler SUCKS,
Paige is much better,
Ask anyone.

Anyway, the point is... Senior year is rockin' so far, so I'm pretty excited.
I love having a packed schedule, I love seeing my friends everyday, and I love some teachers, ya know?

that'd be all for this post.
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